When it comes to aftermarket engine management and data acquisition systems, every application is different. At MoTeC we realise that the supporting components of an installation can be just as important as the ECU or data logger itself.

As the demands on vehicle electronics increase, new accessories are being introduced every season. MoTeC is at the leading edge of these technologies, developing many complementary devices in-house and outsourcing others from reputable suppliers. 

MoTeC systems are designed with a diverse worldwide customer base in mind and as such, they are well suited to customisation and expansion. Authorised MoTeC dealers can provide a range of sensors, actuators and I/O expanders to create a complete solution with the most suitable components. Optional items like shift lights, lap timing beacons, GPS and telemetry kits can be obtained with the knowledge that they have been designed or tested to be fully compatible with MoTeC devices. Fuel and ignition systems are also catered for with a number of high performance parts suitable as replacements or upgrades.

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